Handbag Care Tips

Luxury items such as designer bags like Prada, Coach, Gucci, Venetta Bottega are made to last a long time and still remain stylish. Since you are paying an arm and leg for your designer bag, might as well spend some time to look after them properly.

Fist of all, check how you store your bags. If you are storing your bags away for the season, it is always recommended to store it after cleaning both the interior and exterior. Gently pull out the inside fabric and use a lint-roller to pick up debris. Lint-roller can also be used to clean fabric exteriors while leather exteriors should be wiped lightly with a damp cloth and conditioned with a proper leather conditioner before putting it away.

Cleaning both the interior and exteriors will prevent dust/debris from collecting and sticking to the bag and possibly ruining the bag material when you take it out again. Regular conditioning of the leather will help to maintain its color, sheen and shape.

Next, put some loosely balled up white uncolored of papers or bubble wrap inside the bag to help the bag retain its shape. Always keep the bag in the dust bag provided to keep it away from dirt/dust or discoloration from other items. If there is no dust bag provided, a soft cotton pillowcase works as good.

When storing the bags, make sure the bag are not leaning heavily against other stuffs. This is to prevent color leaching (if there are other colored items) and to keep the bag natural shape by standing it upright. Store it in a dry, cool area of your house, preferably in a walk-in closet, if not any covered spaces (ie cabinets, metal boxes) will do.

Straps and handles of the bag are easily discolored or soiled when we handle them after we put on our hand cream and make-up. It is recommended to keep our hands clean when handling the bags. Don’t put too many things in the bag as well, as the weight of the things may weaken the stitching or damage straps.

Interior lining are almost always prone to be marked by pen ink marks or lipstick/make-up stains. Prevent these stains by keeping pens in a separate pen case. It is the same case for lipstick/make-up/lotions, keep them in a separate cosmetic bag so that they won’t get to the actual purse. These separate smaller bags will help you to find your items easily as well.

It will be inevitable that some of your bags will have the signs of ‘wear and tear’ over time if you use them often enough. But, a properly cared handbag will last years and it might turn into an admired ‘vintage bag’ like this gem, 1960s Pop Pink Bag with Bakelite Handle which is suitable for both day and night. The hot pink will definitely make you stand out with its one-of-a-kind design and outstanding eye candy.

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